People with Alzheimer’s are very good at disguising. They know something is wrong and they cover for each other. He would call home, and he would say, “Oh, we’re great! Everything’s good. We’re just fine,” and what he really meant by that was, “Your mother hasn’t fallen down, so everything’s good.” She got to the point where she lived in her chair. She slept in her chair…

Looking back now, I can’t believe I didn’t realize. She quit wearing makeup. She quit dressing in regular clothes — she wore a housecoat every day. I figured it was because physically she was somewhat disabled … she had lupus, she had fibromyalgia … she had lots of things wrong with her and the older she got the more feeble she got. She didn’t take really good care of herself. I think she thought she did.

How much he was doing —
disguising. They cover
for each other.

“Everything’s good.
We’re fine.”
He meant Mother lived,
slept in her chair.

Looking back — a
housecoat every day.
Things wrong.