… you have to have the capacity to be very compassionate and understanding and willing to listen. But that can come back to being patient. You have to be able to be willing to listen, and you cannot rush a resident. Recent examples — as the body ages, the mind ages, and your motor skills slow down a little bit. It doesn’t mean you’re not as sharp, you’re just not able to deliver your thoughts as quickly.

So if I have a resident in the office and I’m trying to explain a statement to them, or maybe they brought me their mail … I can look at them in two seconds and say, “This is it. That’s what it is.” Could I easily interrupt the resident? I know where they’re going to end. And [I could] say, “This is what it is.” … [But then] the resident feels like they’re not being heard. You would be surprised, if you just sit and listen, how many situations can be diffused, and you can cut out a whole lot of extra frustration just by being patient and listen.