They’ve noticed a decrease in the incontinence issues. Some residents can be wandering down a hallway and see obscure items that you or I would not think would trigger that behavior, and urinating in very unusual places. But it’s not a purposeful act they think they’re doing the right thing. We’ve seen some improvement with that. We’ve had a few residents exit-seeking in the unit. They’d see a particular door with exit signs, and they would pull on the handle. For fire code reasons, if you pull on the handle and apply pressure to the door, it will unlock … we had an artist come in and paint a mural … on the back of the door. It was extremely successful in deterring exit seekers. There are many other doors down the hallway, it’s just when you have that one door, and it’s painted a very different color than all the other doors, they were drawn to that door. Once it was painted as a mural, we didn’t have that problem.