I don’t know how much she pretends, but she pretends to recognize me and know who I am. When I was talking to her on the phone about a year ago, she could remember — I mean, she pretended to know that I was in Florida … but by the end of the conversation, I could tell that she was just pretending to follow what I was saying, because the way she reacted indicated that she didn’t hear what I had just said a couple sentences before

…I imagine that a lot of the time, she didn’t know who I was but she just kind of pretended, and we pretended with her to make her feel better, and tried to put in cues to conversations to remind her who we are … It doesn’t seem like an ignoring, just a making do with what we have, because at the end of the day, we’re still family. And we still have connections on some level that isn’t verbal, and no matter how we voice it, we just have to rearrange the words around how our bodies feel.