It’s tough. We tried at first to have my parents live with her, so they lived with her for about three months, but they couldn’t handle the stress either. They wanted to let her to live in her own house, but we couldn’t afford to have someone come in, and deal with the stress of having to have her on a baby monitor and listening to her and having her get up in the middle of the night, and if she’s up and she falls, then you have to take care [of her] or if she’s in the bathroom and she falls, you have to take care of her.

And there’s always that fear that you know, you’re going to miss something — you’re always on edge. And then when she gets violent and angry, that can get really, really taxing really, really fast, and it can lead to some serious resentment on the side of the caregiverand that’s just tough. So in addition to that, it has brought us together in terms of deciding how to take care of her and things like that, but it’s really bizarre from my standpoint, because she’s not the same person.