Her personality is completely different. She’s not consistent in the things she says. Her personality can be harsh sometimes, or other times just listless and sad. She still loves Blue Bloods, though. It’s this TV show she used to always watch with my grandfather, and she watches it all the time at the facility she’s at now, and she’ll watch the same episode just over and over again, but somehow it’s just going back to that sense memory, I guess, associated with TV show.

When she was living at her house, she always cleaned. She loved cleaning and I guess having some sense of control over her surroundings, even when she could barely stand up, because she has kind of an inner ear issue with the water in the brain. She always tried to clean surfaces as best she could…At this point, it’s hard to know where she is because first of all she’s on the other side of the country from me, and I can’t talk to her on the phone anymore, because I can’t understand her verbally. She blurs so much that I can’t understand her at all.