Then when my mother died, when she was dying, I told Daddy, “If you have anything you want to say to Mom before she dies, because she’s not going to get well, she’s going to die soon, and if there’s anything you want to tell her, then you need to tell her. Oh my gosh — so sweet. But once he did that, once he kind of told her goodbye and she was gone, he does not speak her name, he doesn’t ever mention her. I think he’s forgotten her.

Sorry … it’s really hard when your dad, who has loved your mother since she was 16 — he couldn’t remember her. He barely remembers me now, and I see him every couple days. But my mother’s been gone and when he sees pictures, and I knew it was painful for him, so I would mention her occasionally, but what happened was when I would mention Mom, he thought I was talking about his mother, because their memories – they lose the most recent memories first, so they go back in time.